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Intelligent Battery Energy Storage System

with Online Remote Services

Battery Technology Innovator

Battery & Systems Supplier

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BatteryMAP Proprietary Innovation:

  • Intelligent Battery Energy Storage System

  • Cloud based Technology

  • Online Remote Services

  • Battery Cell Age Forecasting

Battery & Systems Supplier:

  • LFP Battery Cells

  • Portable Backup Power

  • White Label Backup Power Systems


Our Services Areas

Application scenarios for our energy storage systems.

About Us


LiberTech is technology-based startup company founded in Vancouver BC in 2018, focusing on delivering technologies that enable communities, industries and buildings to reduce their carbon footprint and further their sustainability, all while creating a proven economic benefit. LiberTech provides battery operation and management services and a cloud-based tool called BatteryMAP. Using cutting-edge technologies, it manages networked battery systems remotely for their safe, efficient and cost-saving operation. Also, LiberTech is a battery cell & backup power systems supplier to the lithium-ion battery industry. LiberTech collaborates with major manufacturers in China, ensuring the supply of top-tier, certified battery cells, portable energy storage, and white-labelled containerized systems tailored for the North American market. Upholding a commitment to competitive pricing and exceptional quality, we invite ESS integrators to engage with a dependable partnership for optimal product solutions and brand development in Canada.

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