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Your ESS manager on the cloud. 

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Battery Management through an AI-driven Platform (BatteryMAP)

Cloud-Based Online BESS Service

BatteryMAP Technology


Cloud Based Technology

Cloud Based Technology enables your ESSs to have:

  1. Multi-mode intelligent O&M. That is, based on users' needs and usage patterns, and taking into account factors such as climate, temperature, electricity price, etc., a battery operation protocol is formulated to achieve use purposes such as energy saving and consumption reduction.

  2. Intelligent, remote, and 7/24 maintenance to reduce manual O&M costs.

  3. Actively managing batteries to prevent failures and accidents, ensuring safety.

  4. For enterprises and residential areas with large demand for electricity, the coordinated management of battery containers and other energy assets, such as oil generators, UPS, etc.

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Battery Cell Aging Forecasting

Based on the cloud platform, the system monitors the six parameters of the LIB systems, and the data is processed by a set of artificial intelligence algorithms that were previously built and trained by combining big data and electrochemical models, to predict LIB failures and safety risks in advance. This will give valuable time to plan and execute appropriate activities to address the issue. It increases the safety and availability of the system application, raises customer satisfaction and lowers the system maintenance cost by reducing emergence response.

How does BatteryMAP benefit:

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