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Intelligent Containerized ESS for Commercial &Industry Applications

Our unique program allows our clients to harness the power of premium energy storage products, sourced from China's top-rated manufacturers. We import containerized ESS, cutting-edge Battery Management Systems (BMS), and durable battery pack casings. By integrating these materials, we facilitate the creation of various energy storage products, allowing our clients to launch their own brands with confidence and excellence.

At IBS, we are passionate about providing a seamless journey from product manufacturing to brand creation. Our comprehensive solutions are backed by China's leading manufacturers, ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability in every product.

Our approach is not just about quality; it's also about affordability. Our strategic relationships with manufacturers allow us to deliver products at highly competitive prices. No matter the scale of your operation, our flexible ordering system accommodates both large and small orders without compromising on quality.

When clients manufacture their energy storage systems using our proprietary Smart BMS, they unlock an additional layer of benefits. Devices can be seamlessly connected to our cloud platform, entitling them to a year of 24/7 remote maintenance services. This ensures efficient operations, longevity, and peak performance for all your energy storage solutions.

A Crane Lifting a Container

Container ESS (1000/1500 V)

​IBS EnerHub 1000 Series:

  1. 1000 V ESS with 2558 kWh / 3198 kWh

  2. 1000 V ESS with 564 kWh / 1066 kWh

  3. 1000 V ESS with 3198 kWh / 2558 kWh * 2

  4. Customizable ESS.

​IBS EnerHub 1500 Series:

  1. 1500 V ESS with 3727 kWh

  2. 1500 V ESS with 5026 kWh

  3. 1500 V ESS with 5026 kWh and 2500 kVA (Rated Power). 

  4. Customizable ESS.

Safety First

Online DC insulation monitoring, four level circuit break, five level linkage protection design on DC side.

Reliable Operations

Automatic security exit from single cluster subsystem failure to resolve the circulation of the battery cluster.


95.5% cell cycling efficiency, 86% DC side efficiency to improve system cycling efficiency.

Smart O&M

Our technology identifies malfunctioning and the weakest cells and improves the cell clusters using active balancing technology.

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